Board of Directors

Possessing a Wide Range of Experience and Competencies

Our Board Members

Samuel Sancerni

CEO of DMS Imaging

With nearly 30 years’ experience in medical imaging field, Samuel combines his technical skills (engineering background), with his expertise in international trade and business strategy (master’s degrees in international business/HEC certificates) to deliver and manage the vision and strategy for DMS Imaging and Solutions for tomorrow.

Mattias Guldstrand

CEO of Solutions for tomorrow

Mattias Guldstrand has 20+ years of experience in medical technology, from working as a Sales and Marketing Manager, OEM Sales Manager and with Business Development. He has an engineering degree in Physics (MSc) and University Studies in Psychology.

Solutions for tomorrow is now part of DMS Imaging.

For more information, visit the following page: DMS Management Team.

Our Advisory Board Members

Margot McBride FCR Ph.D. MSc MBA DCR(R)

Diagnostic Imaging Expert, Scotland

Dr. Margot McBride is a qualified radiographer and an awardee of the Fellowship of the Royal Society of Edinburgh. She is a postgraduate researcher at the University of Lancaster, a Ph.D. supervisor at the University of Dundee, and an Assessor for radiography programs in the UK. Margot is also an entrepreneur and inventor of the Computerised Patient Positioning Device and is actively involved in developing robotic navigational technology for Radiology services. She is a member of the Scottish Council of the Society and College of Radiographers and the Allied Health Professions forum for Scotland.

Mr. Massimo Gizzi Jori

Medical X-ray Technology Expert, Bergamo, Italy

Mr. Massimo Gizzi Jori has 25+ years of experience in international sales and executive positions in the X-ray business in Europe and China. He has previously been the Managing Director of AEM X-ray Generators and IMD. Generators S.r.l. Bergamo, Italy. He is Marketing & Sales Manager at Kailong X-ray Tubes Factory, specializing in High-Voltage, Medical X-ray tubes and Monobloc X-ray generators. He advises Solutions for tomorrow on X-ray tubes.

John K Grady

Patent, X-ray, Technology Expert, founder of XRE Corp. Littleton, Massachusetts, US.

John K Grady has 50+ years of experience in the X-ray industry with 30+ patents in radiology. He founded and sold XRE Corporation, which designed, manufactured, serviced, and sold cardiac and neuro interventional angiographic X-ray equipment. John was the conceptual designer and oversaw the developing and producing medical X-ray imaging systems, including leading cardiac cath lab systems such as Unicath, L/U series, and Poly Diagnost.

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