Applications for Our Mobile Imaging Technology

Delivering True X-Ray Mobility® to Healthcare Organizations

Offer On-Demand Imaging Services Without Compromising Quality

As a healthcare provider, you understand the need for innovative solutions to improve patient outcomes and provide quality care. Traditional radiology imaging equipment and rooms present significant challenges in reaching these goals due to their limited mobility and flexibility.

At Solutions for tomorrow, we understand these challenges and have made it our mission to eliminate them since we were founded in 2011. Our state-of-the-art mobile X-ray technology and portable equipment:

Is the lightest and most compact on the market

Is designed to meet the needs of your hospital, clinic, facility, or even off-site area so you can offer your patients the highest level of care whenever and wherever needed.

Provides flexibility and mobility without sacrificing image quality.

Provide Hospital-Quality X-Ray Imaging in Any Setting

Schedule Your Free, In-Person Equipment Demonstration

Solutions for tomorrow knows operating a healthcare facility leaves little time for testing new products. That’s why we make it as convenient as possible to schedule a free in-person demonstration for you to gain hands-on experience with our technology and see how it can transform your daily operations.

Discover Our Innovative X-Ray Technology

Solutions for tomorrow offers a variety of mobile X-ray units, equipment, and packages to cover all your radiology needs. And because our equipment is powered by the most advanced battery technology on the market, you can set up a fully-capable imaging center at a moment’s notice without needing a power source.

Mobile X-Ray Units

Our flagship products, the !M1 and Premium !M1 are designed to deliver the ultimate in usability, convenience, and, most importantly—imaging capabilities. Their ergonomic design offers clear lines of sight and is easy to clean, all while providing premium image quality.

X-tech cell® battery

Thanks to our proprietary X-tech cell® battery, you never worry about limited uptime again. A single full charge provides nine hours of uninterrupted use, 1,200 exposures, and can be charged as easily as your phone or tablet before, during, and after use.

Mobile X-Ray Packages

Solutions for tomorrow’s !Mobile RAD Room includes a mobile X-ray unit, !Mobile Wall Stand, and portable patient table so you can instantly turn any area into a radiology center. And the !M1x gives you the system and tools to safely transport your unit anywhere it needs to be.

Let‘s Discuss Your Organization’s Mobile Imaging Needs

Are you interested in seeing our digital X-ray system put to use in real-world situations? Contact Solutions for tomorrow to schedule a free demonstration or presentation today.

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