Portable Urgent Care X-Ray Machines

Providing Truly Mobile Urgent Care Imaging

Provide Faster Diagnosis and Better Care With Mobile Urgent Care Radiology Technology

Solutions for tomorrow’s portable urgent care X-ray machines, the !M1 and Premium !M1, enable your facility to provide faster, more efficient care that improves patient outcomes and satisfaction. Our portable solutions also:

  • Require no installation or construction for a dedicated radiology room.
  • Are easily transported and set up in any location within a facility, allowing patients to avoid the discomfort of being moved from area to area.
  • Enhance efficiency at your facility, allowing for quicker diagnosis and treatment
  • Delivering hospital quality, high-resolution images in real time, enabling your healthcare providers to make more accurate and timely diagnoses.

Urgent Care X-Ray Machines Powered by the Most Dynamic Battery Available

While there’s no denying the advantages of mobile imaging at urgent care centers, there has been one drawback—short battery life. That’s why Solutions for tomorrow invested tremendous time and resources into developing our revolutionary X-tech cell® battery. A fully charged X-tech cell® battery provides 9 hours of operation time and 1,200 exposures. And plugging it in is as easy as charging your personal devices. Best of all, your battery can go from empty to full in just 90 minutes, and 10 minutes of charge time delivers an hour of uptime.

Schedule Your Free Urgent Care Imaging Unit Demonstration

When it comes to urgent care X-ray machines and equipment, there’s no substitute for a firsthand experience with the technology. That’s why Solutions for tomorrow offers free, in-person and hands-on demonstrations so you can see the difference it can make for your imaging services and patients.

Increase Mobility and Efficiency With Easy to Maneuver Urgent Care Imaging Equipment

We didn’t stop once we developed the lightest weight and most compact digital X-ray units for urgent care imaging needs. Solutions for tomorrow also offers a variety of easy-to-transport and operate imaging equipment to give you True X-Ray Mobility®.

!Mobile Wall Stand

Our !Mobile Wall Stand’s mobility and no need for a power source allow for seamless transport between rooms or different areas of your facility, making it a practical and convenient choice to counteract a busy environment. Its adjustable height allows for optimal viewing of patients of all ages and sizes.

!Mobile RAD Room

Solutions for tomorrow’s !Mobile RAD Room includes an !M1 urgent care X-ray machine, a !Mobile Wall Stand, and a portable examination table so you can have a fully capable urgent care radiology room anywhere needed. You can even provide specialty patient care and screenings at remote locations like sporting events, military bases, and prisons.


Our portable !M1x solution gives you the flexibility to provide hospital-quality radiology services on demand. With a safety belt bracket on the arm, rigid statement bracket to the floor, rain cover, and detector lock, the package allows the safe and secure transport of your urgent care imaging unit.

View Our Case Studies

See the impact Solutions for tomorrow’s portable urgent care imaging equipment has had on healthcare organizations worldwide by reading our case studies.

Improved patient outcomes

With mobile urgent care X-ray machines, your doctors can quickly diagnose and treat patients with acute conditions, potentially preventing serious complications and improving outcomes.

Enhanced diagnostic capabilities

Solutions for tomorrow’s mobile units provide high-quality imaging that can help you detect conditions that may be difficult to diagnose with physical examinations alone, such as broken bones, fractures, pneumonia, or blocked blood vessels.

Greater Flexibility

Our portable urgent care imaging solutions can be used in various settings, providing your practice with greater flexibility for everything from chest X-rays to upper extremity scans.

Reduced Costs

Our mobile X-ray machines mitigate the costs associated with transporting patients to imaging centers and the need for expensive fixed urgent care radiology equipment.

Faster Turnaround Times

Prolonged waits and overcrowded lobbies are common complaints at urgent care centers. Solutions for tomorrow’s mobile X-ray machines allow you to provide patients with imaging results quickly and your doctors and staff to provide informed treatment decisions and faster patient care.

Improved Patient Satisfaction

Solutions for tomorrow’s urgent care mobile X-ray machines help patients receive faster and more convenient care for illnesses and injuries, potentially increasing their overall satisfaction with your X-ray services.

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