!Mobile Wall Stand

Our Motorized and Battery-Operated wall stand and X-Ray Detector Holder

A Portable X-Ray Wall Stand and Detector Holder That Enables Any Time, Anywhere Imaging Services

Your healthcare facility must be adaptable to patients’ changing demands and various circumstances. Stationary X-ray equipment presents a significant obstacle, requiring patients to be moved throughout your space or transported to another location, causing delays and discomfort. The !Mobile Wall Stand by Solutions for tomorrow is a versatile radiography equipment that eliminates these issues.

The Mobile Wall Stand:

Is equipped with a portable X-ray detector holder compatible with any type of X-ray system, detector, and cassette holder

Can be easily moved anywhere from a patient’s bedside to a sporting event miles away, allowing a more convenient and efficient way to provide imaging

Enables your providers to streamline operations, meet the needs of patients, reduce costs, and ultimately improve the quality of care they offer

Ready to Experience the Convenience and Efficiency of Our !Mobile Wall Stand?

Solutions for tomorrow understand that seeing is believing when it comes to X-ray equipment. That’s why we offer free presentations and in-person demonstrations of our !Mobile Wall Stand. Reach out today to schedule a time to learn more about our transformative radiography equipment.

Discover How the !Mobile Wall Stand Benefits Your Organization

Whether you’re looking for a superior X-ray cassette holder or a cost-effective way to simplify X-ray imaging, Solutions for tomorrow’s mobile radiography equipment is the right choice for you. The !Mobile Wall Stand provides a wide range of benefits, including:

Mobile and Motorized

The small and lightweight design makes it easy to move, allowing for greater flexibility and convenience. Additionally, the battery-operated system eliminates the need for power cords, making it easy to use in any location. The height-adjustable X-ray detector holder can be easily positioned with a wired hand control, providing accurate and efficient imaging.


The stand can be used with any equipment, not just the !M1 or Premium !M1, and is compatible with all types of X-ray cassettes and detectors, allowing seamless integration into existing systems. Your team can use the !Mobile Wall Stand with or without a grid, providing maximum flexibility in imaging. Its long stroke (up/down reach) enables a variety of imaging positions, while the tilt option allows for coverage of all RAD examinations.

Cost Efficient

The !Mobile Wall Stand offers a turnkey solution that provides a cost-efficient and time-saving option for healthcare organizations. With no installation required, the X-ray equipment is ready to use within seconds, allowing your healthcare providers to focus on patient care rather than the setup process.

!Mobile Wall Stand’s Specifications and Options

Wondering if our versatile !Mobile Wall Stand is an ideal solution for your facility? Here are the system’s specifications and options:


Weight with fixed holder
35 kg (77 lbs)

Weight with tiltable holder
38 kg (84 lbs)

Max load on detector holder
25 kg (55 lbs)


Max height (top of active image surface)

Fixed 1810 mm (71.3”) Tilt 1900 mm (74.8”)

Min height (bottom of active image surface)

Fixed 56 mm (2.2”) Tilt 18.5 mm (0.7”) Stroke

Fixed 1324 mm (52.1”) Tilt 1451.5 mm (57.1”)


Detector sizes

35 x 43 cm (14” x 17”)

43 x 43 cm (17” x 17”)


Input power: 100-240V AC, 50-60 Hz

Battery: 24V, 7.2 H

Charging time: 4 hours (80%) 5 hours (100%)

Operation time: More than a week


Max speed: 125 mm/sec

IP class: IP41

Certifications: CE MDR 2017/745


Fixed or tiltable detector holder

Lateral patient support handle

Tracking (require enabled tracking function on !M1)

Docking for transport

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