!M1 Mobile X-Ray Unit

Setting New Standards for Mobile X-Ray Technology

Enhance Efficiency and Patient Care With Our !M1 Portable X-Ray Technology

Designed with state-of-the-art technology, Solutions for tomorrow’s !M1 mobile system:

Provides enhanced maneuverability

Is the smallest and lightest mobile X-ray imaging system on the market

Eliminates dependency on traditional radiology areas, which reduces wait times

Allows you to provide remote imaging services

Improves efficiency

Benefits of the !M1 Mobile X-Ray Unit

The !M1 is a must-have for any practice looking to improve its convenience, efficiency, and patient care initiatives. It also provides several other benefits, including:

  • The !M1 mobile X-ray unit is the smallest and lightest system on the market and is ideal for healthcare providers who need to perform imaging on the go.
  • Its compact size allows for maximum mobility without impairing its performance or function.
  • Our patented design enables easy and safe transportation and allows a clear forward view, making it easy to maneuver in limited and crowded spaces.
  • The portable X-ray can fit into vehicles and vans to be transported from one location to another.
  • The !M1 has a 10-second start-up time, so valuable patient time isn’t lost waiting for the system.
  • With six hours of battery life and 1,200 image capabilities on a single charge, you have a reliable source that dramatically reduces wait times and frustrations.

  • The !M1 boasts innovative detector technology from Canon and Konica Minolta and imaging acquisition software, enabling premium image quality for accurate diagnoses.
  • The system is designed with easy-to-clean surfaces with minimal hard edges, hatches, or lids, ensuring that dirt and dust do not accumulate.
  • Child-friendly designs were developed by kids for kids, making the units more approachable for nervous or scared children, ultimately improving their overall healthcare experience.
  • Solutions for tomorrow’s !M1 mobile radiography unit has unparalleled portability, reliability, and patient-friendly features and comes with a one-year warranty (including X-ray tube and system battery).

Let Us Bring Our Mobile X-Ray Technology to You

Are you interested in seeing our mobile radiography equipment put to use in real-world situations? Contact Solutions for tomorrow to schedule a free !M1 mobile unit demonstration or presentation today.

Learn How the !M1 Mobile Unit Is Used Across Several Applications

Solutions for tomorrow’s portable X-ray technology is used across the healthcare industry for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Primary Care

    !M1 mobile imaging technology lets primary care providers capture high-quality medical images conveniently and quickly without moving patients to a different location for imaging services.

  • Nursing Home

    With our mobile radiology units, nursing homes can provide residents with onsite imaging services, improving access to diagnostic tests while minimizing disruption to their daily routine.

  • Hospital

    The !M1 mobile X-ray unit expands imaging capabilities at hospitals beyond traditional radiology departments, providing bedside imaging services to critically ill patients and reducing wait times for non-emergency cases.

  • Pediatrics

    Our portable X-ray equipment is designed to be child-friendly and to capture high-quality images of infants and children at pediatric care facilities without causing distress. The !M1 mobile unit’s quiet operation eases fears and maintains a comforting environment.

  • Urgent Care

    The !M1’s portability and ease of use make it an ideal solution for urgent care facilities, enabling them to quickly and accurately diagnose a wide range of conditions without the need for patients to go elsewhere for imaging services.

  • Specialty

    Our mobile X-ray solution is versatile enough to capture exceptional image quality for a wide range of specialties, providing specialists with the diagnostic tools they need to deliver first-rate care to their patients.

Solutions for All Your Mobile Radiography Needs

As a trusted provider of cutting-edge medical technology, Solutions for tomorrow is proud to offer a variety of products beyond our flagship !M1 mobile X-ray unit. Our Premium !M1 mobile unit features state-of-the-art imaging capabilities that provide accurate and reliable diagnoses but is enhanced with features, including a superior X-tech cell® battery and an eight-year warranty. For those in need of on-the-go imaging, our !M1x is the perfect mobile solution to securely transport your mobile X-ray solution. The !Mobile Wall Stand offers flexibility and convenience, while our !Mobile RAD Room is a comprehensive solution for complete mobile imaging capabilities anywhere at any time.

Learn More About X-tech cell® battery Technology

Learn more about our one-of-a-kind  X-tech cell® battery that allows you to capture more images with less downtime and no diminishing image quality.

Compare the !M1 and Premium !M1

Specifications!M1 Standard Version!M1 Premium
kW32kW @ 20ms, 320mA32 kW or 40 kW
Motorized Column SizeMotorized column 195cm versionMotorized column 195 cm or 200 cm
StorageStorage for Detector and for Grid (without detector charging)Storage for detector and grids, storage for 2 detectors and drawer – detector charging included
LED Lights on Column
LED lights on the side of the unit
Outlet under monitorEthernet and USB
IPAD Charging
Charging time system battery4 hours (empty to full)1.5 hours (empty to full)
Operation time system battery6 hoursup to 9 hours
Warranty1 year including X-ray tube and system battery1 year unit and 8 years battery warranty

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