Mobile Hospital X-Ray Technology

Providing True X-Ray Mobility® to Medical Imaging Facilities Since 2016

Bring the Capabilities of Your Medical Imaging Facility Anywhere, Any Time

Solutions for tomorrow developed the !M1 and Premium !M1 mobile hospital X-ray machines to provide greater flexibility and deliver the power of your medical imaging facility whenever and wherever needed. Our state-of-the-art technology removes all hospital imaging departments’ limitations, allowing immediate access to imaging technology anywhere from the patient’s bedside to a remote screening area.

True Hospital X-Ray Mobility Powered by the Industry’s Most Advanced Battery

Solutions for tomorrow’s compact and lightweight mobile hospital X-ray machines:

Allow you to easily maneuver through tight facility corridors and quickly set up for digital radiography procedures

Provide your medical staff with real-time results for faster diagnosis and treatment

But what sets the !M1 and Premium !M1 apart is the X-tech cell® battery we developed:

In just 90 minutes, the battery goes from empty to fully charged

It provides 9 hours of continuous operation and 1,200 exposures

Charging while in use or not is as simple as plugging in your cell phone or tablet

Just 10 minutes of charging allows for an hour of uptime

Schedule Your Free Mobile Hospital X-Ray Machine Demonstration

If you’re interested in expanding your hospital’s imaging department capabilities, contact Solutions for tomorrow. We offer free demonstrations of our portable hospital X-ray units so you can experience them hands-on and in person.

Transform Any Space Into a Hospital Imaging Department

One of the most cost-effective ways to increase efficiency and reduce costs is to equip your hospital with our !Mobile Wall Stand. Solutions for tomorrow’s high performance stand allows unlimited mobility and features a sturdy base and flexible arm that can move in all directions, making it easy to position any part of the body for accurate imaging.

In addition to our wall stand, Solutions for tomorrow offers the !Mobile RAD Room, which packages an !M1 or Premium !M1 mobile unit, wall stand, and portable patient table. This comprehensive package enables your healthcare providers to offer high-quality imaging from anywhere without the need to build a new dedicated hospital imaging department or install additional stationary hospital X-ray equipment.

Explore Our Case Studies

Learn how our mobile hospital X-ray units and equipment have impacted operations at our customers’ hospitals and medical imaging facilities.

Bring Your Medical Imaging Facility’s Proficiency to Your Patients

For the elderly, frail, incapacitated, or compromised, on-site hospital X-rays are inconvenient, uncomfortable, and problematic. Rather than risk negatively impacting a patient, you can safely and securely transport your mobile hospital X-ray machine and equipment using the !M1x.

When you choose Solutions for tomorrow’s van package, you get a compact solution that’s ready immediately. Your !M1x rolls easily into place, where it’s secured by an electric lock and safety straps, assuring your mobile hospital X-ray machine arrives unharmed. Our team is happy to offer expert guidance throughout the van outfitting process to ensure a hassle-free process.

Let’s Discuss Your Hospital X-Ray Equipment Needs

Are you interested in seeing our mobile X-ray systems put to use in real-world hospital situations? Contact Solutions for tomorrow to schedule a free Premium !M1 mobile medical X-ray unit demonstration or presentation today.

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