!Mobile RAD Room

A Redefined X-Ray Room That Includes a Mobile X-Ray Unit, !Mobile Wall Stand, and table—Requiring No Installation

No installation

A Portable Radiology Workstation That Delivers Hospital Quality Imaging

Solutions for tomorrow’s !Mobile RAD Room is a portable radiology workstation that provides flexibility, versatility, and mobility to medical organizations seeking to overcome the limitations of stationary radiology equipment. Our mobile workstation allows you to take radiology equipment wherever needed, improving patient outcomes and convenience.

We design the !Mobile RAD Room’s portable radiography machines, tables, and wall stands to:

Work with any X-ray technology, providing adaptability that is unmatched by traditional stationary equipment.

Be easily moved from one location to another, making it an ideal solution for temporary or remote healthcare facilities, emergency response teams, and disaster relief efforts.

Enable your team to provide patients with reliable and efficient digital radiography services and hospital-level image quality anytime, anywhere.

Ready to Experience !Mobile RAD Room in Person?

Solutions for tomorrow understands there’s no substitute for getting a hands-on feel for new technology in the healthcare industry. That’s why we offer free in-person demonstrations and presentations of our portable radiology workstations so you can experience them firsthand. Reach out today for your demonstration.

A Mobile Radiology Solution That Redefines X-Ray Rooms

Convenience and Cost-Effectiveness
  • No installation needed
  • No power requirements
  • No room requirements
  • Substantially less investment is required than stationary equipment
  • Battery operated
  • Radiology room and mobile capacity in one
  • Covers temporary or permanent needs
Hospital-Grade Image Quality
  • Battery operated
  • Radiology room and mobile capacity in one
  • Covers temporary or permanent needs
  • Docking for secure positions in the room
  • Connect !M1 and !Mobile wall stand to transport together
  • Tracking (X-ray tube follows the movement of a detector)
  • AEC (Automatic Exposure Control)
  • Stitching

Use Your !Mobile RAD Room for Any Application

The !M1 portable radiography machine, X-ray tables, and wall stand included in your workstation can be used in hospitals, urgent care centers, pediatric facilities, nursing homes, primary care facilities, and specialty units just as you would a traditional RAD room. But what sets the !Mobile RAD Room portable radiology workstation apart is its application versatility. You can use our solution at:

Small Clinics

  • X-ray outsourced from hospitals
  • !Mobile RAD room does not need a dedicated room, no power requirements
  • Share X-ray capacity between different clinics in region or within hospital chain
  • Deliver X-ray directly to patients (elderly healthcare facilities, prisons, mental health facilities)
Small Clinics


  • Parts of temporary healthcare facilities on different events (sport or cultural events)
  • Deliver X-ray directly to an event and set up an X-ray room on the spot
  • Diagnose patients onsite

Field Hospitals

  • Refugee camps
  • Nature disaster areas
  • War zones and military camps
  • Special needs
Field Hospitals

Buses or Containers

  • X-ray room on wheels
  • Specialist screenings like tuberculosis screening
Buses or Containers

Continue operations when your permanent X-ray lab is out of order due to malfunction, renovation, or construction

Quickly address emergencies that require heightened imaging capabilities that exceed current capabilities

Take on outsourced X-ray services from hospitals

Perform specialty screenings for tuberculosis and pneumonia, and other conditions

Efficiently diagnose injuries and address concerns on the spot to limit hospital visits

Provide remote readings at sporting events, prisons, mental health facilities, and other areas that require immediate care or protection from unnecessary exposure, stress, or safety concerns.

Provide care at refugee camps, natural disaster areas, war zones, military camps, and other remote areas with limited access to power and healthcare.

No installation needed!Mobile RAD RoomStationary X-Ray Room
No power requirements

Battery operated

RAD room and mobile capacity

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