Mobile X-Ray Technology for Specialty Applications

Providing True X-Ray Mobility® for Anywhere, Any Time Imaging Solutions

Advanced X-Ray Technology Designed to Deliver Specialty Imaging Services From Anywhere

At Solutions for tomorrow, we developed our !M1 and Premium !M1 mobile X-ray units to help you overcome the challenges presented by stationary radiology equipment. Our portable systems are designed to:

Provide reliable and high-quality imaging technology that you can bring directly to the patients, whether bedside, courtside, or even seaside.

Offer simple maneuverability and flexibility for anytime, anywhere X-ray imaging with ease and precision

Eliminate the limitations of traditional imaging equipment

Improve patient outcomes

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Portable Equipment That Delivers True Imaging Mobility

We offer more than state-of-the-art mobile X-ray units. Solutions for tomorrow offers various portable equipment to support your imaging objectives and patient requirements.

X-tech cell® battery

Solutions for tomorrow’s groundbreaking mobile X-ray devices are powered by the robust X-tech cell® battery we developed. Offering charge times up to eight times faster than standard batteries, the X-tech cell® gives you 9 hours of use and 1,200 exposures per full charge. And with just 10 minutes of charging, your unit gains one hour of uninterrupted imaging, ensuring dependable service and unparalleled portability.

!Mobile Wall Stand

If you’re looking for a way to bring X-ray services directly to your patients, the !Mobile Wall Stand is the perfect solution. Our lightweight, maneuverable turnkey stand is compatible with all types of detectors and cassettes and functions with or without a grid. With a hand control that allows you to adjust the device’s height easily, Solutions for tomorrow’s stand simplifies imaging services, including those requiring tilt adjustment.

!Mobile RAD Room

As a healthcare provider that handles specialty care needs, you know how vital it is to respond to patient needs quickly and efficiently. Solutions for tomorrow’s !Mobile RAD Room includes an !M1 mobile X-ray unit, !Mobile Wall Stand, and portable patient table, enabling you to turn any space into a mobile imaging center, even if you don’t have a power source.

Discover How Our Portable X-Ray Technology Is Applied in Various Settings

Solutions for tomorrow’s mobile imaging equipment is used across a wide range of applications and locations, including:

  • Military

    With the ability to perform diagnostic imaging in remote training areas, on ships, and in the field, Solutions for tomorrow’s mobile X-ray units play a crucial role for military healthcare professionals. Our equipment allows you to quickly diagnose and treat injuries, saving lives in the process.

  • Tuberculosis Screening

    Our mobile imaging equipment is a valuable tool for tuberculosis screening, especially in areas with limited access to healthcare facilities. It helps your healthcare professionals diagnose the disease quickly and accurately, allowing prompt treatment.

  • Prisons

    Utilizing portable equipment eliminates the need to transport inmates to healthcare facilities, reducing the risk of escape, safety concerns, or injury during transport. It also helps your radiologists and staff diagnose and treat inmates in a timely manner, improving overall healthcare outcomes.

  • Mental Health Facilities

    Solutions for tomorrow’s !M1 and !Mobile Wall Stand help diagnose and treat mental health conditions, including traumatic brain injuries and other neurological disorders. It allows your team to diagnose and monitor patients on-site, improving patient outcomes and reducing the need for referrals to outside facilities.

  • Sporting Events and Venues

    Our portable solutions enable on-site assessment and treatment of sports-related injuries. This reduces the risk of further injury, improves overall healthcare outcomes, and helps prevent injured athletes from making unnecessary visits to the hospital.

  • Disaster Relief Operations

    Mobile imaging equipment helps diagnose and treat injuries in remote areas during disaster relief operations, saving lives and reducing the need to move victims to outside facilities for radiology services.

  • Refugee Camps

    Mobile imaging equipment is a valuable tool for providing medical care to refugees in remote locations, enabling quick diagnosis and treatment of injuries and improving healthcare outcomes.

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