!M1x Portable X-Ray Units

Compromise No Longer: Premium X-Ray Imaging Is Now Fully Mobile, Allowing Hospital-Quality Imaging Anywhere

Provide Hospital-Quality Imaging Anywhere With a Mobile X-Ray System That’s Easily Transported in a Van

When it comes to delivering top-quality healthcare services, one of the most critical components is accurate and timely diagnosis—something X-ray imaging plays a pivotal role in. The !M1x from Solutions for tomorrow combines the capabilities of traditional imaging technology with the convenience and flexibility of portable X-ray units, allowing your healthcare providers to:

Conduct X-ray imaging anywhere, even in remote or underserved areas

Pair with our !Mobile Wall Stand and transform any area into a !Mobile RAD Room

Increase mobility and efficiency and ultimately patient satisfaction.

Easily Adjust Your !M1x for Safe, Worry-Free Transportation

Solutions for tomorrow offers expert guidance on outfitting your van to ensure your solution is high functioning, safe, and flexible. Your physicians’ mobile X-ray unit is protected by an optional air suspension package, a rearview camera, an electromagnetic floor lock, a specially adapted floor, and an inverter for charging the mobile unit inside the van. These elements ensure that the mobile X-ray solution is of the highest quality while maintaining the adaptability and mobility required in a medical environment.

The !M1x Also Includes:

  • Strong drive motors
  • High ground clearance
  • +20mm SID to the floor
  • Safety belt bracket on the arm
  • Rigid attachment bracket to floor
  • Built-in 4/5G router (option)
  • Soft front wheels
  • Rain cover
  • Detector lock

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Securely Deliver Your Mobile X-Ray Units and Medical Equipment in a Van for Any Application

Solutions for tomorrow’s !M1x is ideal for a wide range of healthcare applications, including:

Discover the Unrivaled Capabilities of Our Portable X-Ray Units

Solutions for tomorrow’s !M1x portable imaging technology offers a multitude of benefits for healthcare providers seeking a high-performing and versatile solution. With a start-up time of only 10 seconds and a fully charged battery in just 90 minutes, the unit is operational for 9 hours thanks to our proprietary X-tech cell® battery technology. Our portable X-ray units provide hospital-level image quality for up to 1,200 exposures on a full charge with a short exposure time at all battery levels. The unit’s design makes it easy to clean and safely maneuver and operate in crowded spaces, including near beds.

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