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Mobile Medical Diagnostics

Mobile Medical Diagnostics are an Irish owned and operated company that provide a high-quality mobile X-ray service to clients in primary care centers, nursing homes and healthcare providers nationwide. Their mantra is moving equipment not patient and the mission is to bring quality care and diagnostics to communities in a clinically compliant manner. All types of X-ray examinations including chest, hip/pelvis, knee, wrist and shoulder X-rays are carried out as a part of service.

They have been looking for reliable digital mobile X-ray units providing high-quality images that can be successfully used outside of hospital environment.

Solutions for tomorrow have provided seven !M1x mobile X-ray units to Mobile Medical Diagnostics. In July 2023, 366 patients were visited in nursing homes, community care facilities and private houses. Of these 347 patients didn’t have to go to hospital for an X-ray. It meant 694 ambulance journeys in and out of hospitals were avoided because the mobile X-ray service came to the patient. This frees ambulances for other purposes. Figures for June 2023 were higher with 383 patients visited. Of these 361 patients didn’t have to go to hospital. It meant 722 ambulance journeys in and out of hospitals were avoided.

This mobile X-ray service is delivering clear benefits to older patients and is avoiding unnecessary attendance for many frailer people at Emergency Departments.

Rallycross World Cup

Due to new regulations, the Rallycross World Cup in Sweden required X-ray and ultrasound equipment to be available onsite as part of a temporary medical facility.

Solutions for tomorrow, together with Aleris X-ray Sweden and Sport Rescue Team, provided mobile X-ray and teleradiology technology to the Rallycross World Cup in Sweden. Riders could be diagnosed and treated immediately without requiring lengthy or unnecessary hospital visits for the first time in the event’s history. Using our !M1x, patients were X-rayed and checked for skeletal injuries to determine if a hospital visit was required. The project was a complete success, and many regions in Scandinavia are now implementing our portable solutions to provide more efficient and effective healthcare.

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Tuberculosis Screening in the United Kingdom

The Tropical and Infectious Diseases Department of the University College London Hospital (UCLH) faced a challenge to deliver timely, effective care to its hard-to-find patients with tuberculosis, who often live in remote areas, are homeless, or face drug and alcohol additions. UCLH needed mobile X-ray solutions that could be used onsite to provide quick diagnoses, rather than traditional, bulky machines and large suites, which make it difficult or impossible for these services to be provided to people facing difficult socioeconomic backgrounds.

UCLH decided to invest in Solutions for tomorrow’s mobile X-ray technology to meet the needs of its patients living in remote areas. The hospital invested in our portable digital X-ray systems and installed the !M1x and !Mobile Wall Stand in a bus, allowing UCLH medical teams to take them to various locations as needed.

Our digital X-ray systems have significantly improved the diagnostic capabilities of UCLH, and the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence and the Health Protection Agency have extensively studied the Find&Treat program and our mobile radiology solutions and found them to be a cost-efficient measure and effective treatment strategy.

Örebro University Hospital in Sweden

Örebro University Hospital in Sweden is the provider of choice for a high-level security prison in Kumla that requires a lot of resources and unwanted transportation to provide prisoners with X-ray examinations. Along with the logistics for staff, including security and healthcare professionals, the radiology department must be shut down, which extends queues and inconveniences other patients. The costs of these procedures are also costly and prohibitive.

The hospital integrated Solutions for tomorrow’s mobile X-ray solutions and portable radiology systems to provide a cost-effective solution that doesn’t require as many resources. X-ray examinations are now performed more quickly and with fewer resources, leading to a more efficient system overall. It also removes the need for X-ray departments to be shut down and queues extended, meaning prisoners can receive their examinations in person. Additionally, this reduces the costs associated with the tests, making them more affordable for hospitals and healthcare providers. By implementing our mobile X-ray solutions at the prison in Kumla, they have a more efficient examination process that reduces costs.

Asian Hospital in Manila, Philippines

Asian Hospital and Medical Center (AHMC) in Manila, Philippines has been founded over 20 years ago and since then it provides exceptional care to its patients. The hospital is one of the most advanced healthcare institutions in the Philippines dedicated to providing value healthcare for patients and their families. The hospital boasts almost 300-bed capacity and continuously strives to provide the highest patient care. The hospital was looking for small and reliable mobile X-ray units that provide X-ray images of great quality.

The hospital has purchased five !M1 mobile X-ray units from Solutions for tomorrow. The units are small and light and therefore perfect for using in the busy and crowded environment like Asian Hospital. The short charging time and long operation time of the battery are big advantages that make a big difference in everyday use. The units are extensively used across all hospital’s departments.

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