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Since 2011, Solutions for tomorrow has been at the forefront of portable X-ray system and equipment innovation. Our !M1 and Premium !M1 mobile X-ray machines improve radiography efficiency, offering an anywhere-at-anytime capabilities. With our !Mobile RAD Room and !Mobile Wall Stand, your facility can offer onsite imaging for any application without requiring patient transport or inconvenience. Our proprietary X-tech cell® battery provides 9 hours of uninterrupted service and 1,200 exposures on a single charge—which only takes 90 minutes.

Portable X-Ray Machines for Any Application

Our equipment allows you to offer mobile X-ray services for a wide range of applications, including:

Our Portable X-Ray Machines and Equipment

  • Standard M1

    Solutions for tomorrow offers the !M1, a state-of-the-art mobile X-ray machine that allows you to bring advanced imaging technology to your patients. Our innovative mobile imaging unit produces high-quality images quickly and efficiently, providing your doctors with crucial information for diagnosis and treatment. With the !M1, your team can improve patient care and outcomes while reducing wait times and costs associated with traditional imaging methods.

  • Premium !M1

    Our Premium !M1 mobile X-ray machine delivers all the functionality and ease of use as the standard !M1 with additional features that enhance performance. The device boasts an nine-hour battery life, ensuring uninterrupted use during critical procedures, and can be plugged in just as simple as your phone from any standard outlet. Additionally, the unit comes with an impressive 8-year warranty, providing peace of mind in your investment.

  • !M1x

    Solutions for tomorrow offers the !M1x, a comprehensive solution for doctors requiring a mobile diagnostic unit. The package includes our state-of-the-art portable X-ray machine that provides quick, accurate diagnoses and adjustable components that allow for safe transport. With this mobile imaging package, your doctors can provide high-quality imaging services to patients in remote or underserved areas and improve overall healthcare outcomes.

  • X-tech cell® battery

    Solutions for tomorrow developed our X-tech cell® battery to power our new generation of mobile X-ray machines. The X-tech cell® battery is fully charged up to eight times faster than our competitors and just ten minutes of charging provides up to one hour of uninterrupted power. Our advanced technology allows 9 hours of continuous use and 1,200 images on a single charge without delay.

  • !Mobile Wall Stand

    Solution for tomorrow’s !Mobile Wall Stand is perfect for your doctors and medical professionals who require a reliable and portable solution for their imaging services. With its ease of use, mobility, and ergonomic design, our mobile imaging stand is an excellent addition to any medical facility or remote care area. It offers a comfortable and convenient way to work while enhancing patient care.

  • !Mobile RAD Room

    With Solutions for tomorrow’s !Mobile RAD Room, your medical professionals have a comprehensive imaging solution that meets their needs and offers the flexibility to adapt to any healthcare setting. This package is ideal for doctors looking for a reliable, versatile, and truly mobile imaging solution that improves patient care and outcomes. The !Mobile RAD Room includes a Premium !M1, !Mobile Wall Stand, and portable table, so any space can quickly be transformed into a radiography station.

Schedule Your Free Mobile X-Ray Machine Demonstration

When it comes to portable X-ray machines and equipment, there’s no substitute for an in-person, hands-on demonstration. That’s why Solutions for tomorrow offers free demonstrations so you can see what a difference our mobile imaging solutions can have on your operations.

Case Study: Mobile X-Ray Services for Patients With Dementia in Nursing Homes

See how healthcare professionals at Denmark’s Kolding Hospital utilized the !M1x mobile X-ray unit in a nursing home setting to improve care for dementia patients in a nursing home setting.

Patients with dementia may react differently to stimuli, making in-hospital X-ray examination a daunting experience. This study aims to investigate the experiences and perspectives of patients with dementia and their caregivers on receiving a mobile imaging examination in nursing homes.

A qualitative study was conducted using patient observation and semi-structured interviews with a phenomenology-hermeneutic approach. Twenty-three patients were observed using the !M1x mobile X-ray machine in nursing homes, and six semi-structured interviews were conducted with caregivers.

The study revealed that a familiar environment, a recognizable framework, and calmness were critical factors for patients with dementia. Patients were calmer and more relaxed during the examination in their usual nursing home environment, with fewer stimuli and impressions. Doctors also noted that image quality was far superior to their prior solution.

Implications for practice:
Using the !M1x system can benefit patients with dementia and lead to less disruptive experiences. Nursing homes can benefit from this technology, allowing patients to be examined in their familiar environment. This approach can significantly reduce the anxiety and fear that patients with dementia often experience during hospital visits, making it a more comfortable and efficient experience for patients and caregivers.

Partner With a True Mobile X-Ray Machine Specialist

We understand you have many options for purchasing mobile X-ray machines and equipment. Our focus on mobile imaging sets Solutions for tomorrow apart from our competitors. For most medical technology manufacturers, portable X-ray machines are just a small segment of their business. But our sole focus is on providing the most innovative, state-of-the-art mobile X-ray systems that simplify your daily operations, improve patient satisfaction, and deliver True X-Ray Mobility®.

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