Our X-tech cell® High-Capacity Battery

Transform Your Imaging Processes With Our Quick-Charging Battery

Increase Efficiency and Patient Satisfaction With Our Portable, Rechargeable Battery

Radiographers need safe and reliable batteries for their portable X-ray equipment. Traditional lead-acid batteries have many restrictions, are often heavy, don’t last long, and fail to hold a charge. But the X-tech cell® battery developed by Solutions for tomorrow is a powerful and safe lithium-ion option for our Premium !M1 and !M1x mobile X-ray systems.

Faster Charging

The X-tech cell® high-capacity battery is designed to charge faster than any other battery on the market. With just 90 minutes of charging time, our quick charging battery goes from 0% to fully charged.

1,200 Exposures per Full Charge

With the X-tech cell® long-lasting lithium-ion battery, your team can take up to 1,200 images on a single charge, allowing for extended usage without interruption or frequent charging. This feature saves valuable time and improves workflow efficiency.

9 Hours of Operation Time

The X-tech cell® portable rechargeable battery offers nine hours of uptime on a single charge. And just 10 minutes of charging gives your mobile system an hour of uptime, allowing your medical professionals to focus on patient care instead of worrying about battery life.

No Aging or Degrading Image Quality

As traditional batteries age, the charging capabilities dwindle. Even worse, the image quality also suffers when the battery gets low. But not with the X-tech cell® battery. Whether your battery life is at 1% or 100%, you get the same superior image quality throughout its lifetime.

Keep the Unit Working, Not Waiting

Exceptional operating time


10 minutes of charging: Up to 5 minutes operating time

Operating time: Up to 9 hours
Charging from empty to full: 1,5 hours

Super fast charging


10 minutes of charging: Up to 5 minutes operating time

10 minutes of charging: Up to 60 minutes operating time

What Impact Can the X-tech cell® High-Capacity Battery Have on Your Organization?

Solutions for tomorrow offers free in-person demonstrations of our long-lasting lithium-ion battery so you can experience firsthand the impact it can have on your operations. Reach out today to schedule your presentation.

8 Years of Long-Lasting Lithium Ion Battery Life—Guaranteed

Solutions for tomorrow stands behind the X-tech cell® high-capacity battery technology we developed with an exceptional eight-year warranty. This type of warranty is unmatched in the industry and demonstrates our confidence in the proprietary technology’s we developed. With an eight-year battery life that exceeds the average of two to three years offered by our competitors, our X-tech cell® battery ensures you and your staff have a reliable, maintenance-free portable X-ray unit whenever and for whatever application you need.

X-tech cell® Isn‘t Just a Quick-Charging Battery—It’s Also Easy to Use

The X-tech cell® portable rechargeable battery is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use. Unlike traditional lead-acid batteries, it can be plugged into any standard wall outlet and doesn’t require a special power bank or complicated portable chargers. Similar to your personal devices, such as your phone, the high-capacity battery can be charged while your mobile X-ray unit is in use or idle, allowing you to focus on your work without worrying about how much battery life you have left.

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