No.1 in mobile X-ray in Thailand

Solutions for tomorrow & Thai GL

Swedish MedTech company Solutions for tomorrow sets a whole new standard for mobile X-ray with their new portable and easy-to-maneuver X-ray unit !M1. The units have attracted a great deal of international attention, in both Europe and the United States, although mainly in Asia, where Thailand is now showing the way.

Quick facts about the !M1

mobile x-ray m1

Record order from the Thai GL

Thailand is at the forefront when it comes to using modern medical technology and mobile X-ray. In 2019, Solutions for tomorrow therefore entered into collaboration with Thai GL, one of Thailand’s leading distributors of modern medical technology. Thai GL has provided hospitals in Southeast Asia with medical imaging equipment and service for nearly 30 years. Thai GL recently placed an order for 65 units, making them a market leader in mobile X-ray sales in Thailand. Since collaboration began, Thai GL has purchased a total of 128 !M1 units from Solutions for tomorrow.

!M1 – smallest and lightest on the market

Mr. Therdkiat Tippayawong, Chief Executive Officer of Thai GL, is very pleased with their partnership with Solutions for tomorrow.

The main advantage of !M1 is its flexibility. !M1 is the smallest and lightest unit on the market, and with a powerful motor and clear line of sight, the !M1 is easy to move and maneuver for all health care professionals. It’s easy to move around narrow corridors and transport in regular passenger elevators. !M1 is also designed for easy and efficient disinfection and cleaning to prevent the spread of infection between wards.”
Therdkiat Tippayawong
Chief Executive Officer of Thai GL

Best battery performance

!M1 comes with the unique X-tech cell® battery technology, specially designed by Solutions for tomorrow for use in !M1. This technology guarantees short exposure time and sharp images at all battery charge levels. In addition, X-tech cell® provides as many as 9 hours of battery operation, the longest operating time in the market.

Fully charged in 1.5 hours!

X-tech cell® allows for super-fast charging, going from empty to fully charged in 1.5 hours. Solutions for tomorrow provides a full 8-year battery guarantee, demonstrating its unparalleled quality. Obviously, the unit can also be mains-operated.

Always top image quality​

Thanks to the unique X-tech cell® battery technology, !M1 always delivers the same exceptional image quality, regardless of battery level. It does so because Solutions for tomorrow, unlike its competitors, uses lithium in its proprietary batteries. With lead batteries, which are used by other manufacturers, the image quality deteriorates significantly at lower battery levels.

m1 portable x-ray with people in thailand
m1 portable x-ray with people

Grab and go in 10 seconds!

– Installation and operation are other important aspects. We find the !M1 very easy to both start up and use, and we’ve been pleased with the support we’ve received by Solutions for tomorrow from day one. Our staff finds the !M1 to be highly user-friendly. In addition, it’s designed for “grab and go”, meaning that it’s ready for use within 10 seconds of login, Mr. Therdkiat Tippayawong concludes.

More business underway in Asia

– Thailand is a pioneer when it comes to using modern portable medical technology, and we see it as a great token of trust that they choose our X-ray equipment. We have many units in operation in Thailand, and health care providers now know our technology and its benefits very well. It has provided major relief for health care services, especially since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. We are now working hard to secure more business in Thailand and Southeast Asia, and things are looking very good, Solutions for tomorrows CEO Mattias Guldstrand says.

Solutions for tomorrow

Solutions for tomorrow is a med-tech company that is creating revolutionary products that change the X-ray experience for caregivers and patients. Our innovative, state-of-the-art mobile X-ray units operate on cutting-edge battery technology developed in-house: X-Tech Cell®.

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