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Rigshospital Copenhagen, Denmark

Rigshospital in Copenhagen is one of the largest and most specialized hospitals in Denmark covering most of medical specialist areas. With more than 1100 beds, it serves approximately 65 000 inpatients and 420 000 outpatients annually. The Department of Diagnostic Radiology performs about 300 000 examinations each year, excluding screening mammography.

Quick facts about the !M1

mobile x-ray m1

“The key factor to success in working in busy environment is efficiency and reliability of the equipment”

Johnny Fugl Madelung, chief radiographer manages and organizes work of more than 450 employees at the radiology department. “The key factor to success in working in busy environment is efficiency and reliability of the equipment”, says Johnny. Department of Diagnostic Radiology has five digital mobile x-ray systems, two of them are !M1 produced by Solutions for tomorrow.

They are the smallest and the lightest x-ray mobile units on the market. One of the favourite features according to users is the small size. Very low height in transportation gives the clear view forward and form factor makes it easy to see sideways. Small footprint and reduced weight combined together allows to drive quickly and safely. !M1 is ideal to manoeuvre in limited and crowded places.

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Used in many different departments

!M1 units are used in different departments – among others intensive care units, paediatric and neonatology departments. Therefore, the battery performance is very important. 

X-tech cell technology used in !M1 is battery technology developed specifically for usage within mobile x-ray unit. The batteries are fully charged in 1.5 hours and operation time is twice longer than competitors. The Solution 1 unit operates 24/7, the users can just grab the unit and go.

In clinical environment multiresistant bacteria can be transferred from patients to the radiograph machines and cause crossinfections. For that reason, the cleaning processes are of huge importance. 

!M1 units have a minimum number of compartments and sharp edges where dirt, dust and bacteria can accumulate. The advantage is also that the protective covers have a plain paint and glossy finish what makes cleaning even easier. 

Improved cleaning is equal to lower risk of infection which is especially important in case of isolated patients.

Designed around the users

Overall, the unit is designed around the users. The column is motorized what makes big difference for users performing many examinations every day.

The LED lights that are located on the top of the column and sides of the units are used for communication between users and machines. The blue colour is changed to green or yellow when the unit is ready to expose and during the exposure. The lights flash when the emergency button is activated.

Very useful feature is the battery indication of the unit. “We, at Rigshospital, always want to be up-to-date and use equipment with the latest technology and we definitely can say that !M1 is a new generation within mobile x-ray units. I would highly recommend it.”, says chief radiographer of Department of Diagnostic Radiology.

Johnny Fugl Madelung with solutions for tomorrow m1

Solutions for tomorrow

Solutions for tomorrow is a med-tech company that is creating revolutionary products that change the X-ray experience for caregivers and patients. Our innovative, state-of-the-art mobile X-ray units operate on cutting-edge battery technology developed in-house: X-Tech Cell®.

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