Väckelsång, Sweden – The need for mobile X-ray units has skyrocketed over the past few months due to the coronavirus pandemic. With so many patients in need, healthcare providers are making snap decisions to procure critical equipment. Solutions for tomorrow’s !M1 mobile X-ray unit has been recognized as a valuable tool with four times the number of orders coming in than usual.

The !M1 unit is the smallest, lightest and most mobile X-ray unit on the market. It gives healthcare providers exceptional availability thanks to a unique battery that charges up to eight times faster than other units. With healthcare systems under intense pressure, that availability is more important than ever.

To meet demand, Solutions for tomorrow has hired many new employees and continue to recruit more. Despite the growing team, overtime and weekend work have become the norm. Everyone at the company is dedicated to delivering the units because they understand what is at stake.

Mattias Guldstrand, CEO, says:
“This pandemic has caused so much suffering on so many levels. We consider it a privilege and a responsibility to deliver a tool that helps healthcare providers give patients the right care as quickly as possible.”

Solutions for tomorrow is a Swedish med-tech company dedicated to making advanced medical imaging available whenever and wherever patients need it.

For more information, contact Anna Kowalska at anna@solutionsfortomorrow.se