Solutions for tomorrow receive record-setting order from Thailand

Medical equipment supplier Thai GL have ordered twelve of Solutions for tomorrow’s !M1 mobile x-ray units. The twelve units represent the largest single order Solutions for tomorrow has received to date. Thai GL ordered the units in response to the continued high demand for mobile x-ray solutions in Thailand.

Collaboration with Thai GL launched in 2019 and there has been a steady stream of !M1 units heading to the country ever since.

“We take this as a wonderful vote of confidence,” says Solutions for tomorrow CEO Mattias Guldstrand. “We have a lot of units in operation in Thailand, so healthcare providers there know about our technology and the value it brings.”

Thai GL have been supplying hospitals with medical imaging equipment and service for 28 years. They have become a leading distributor and a trusted brand.

Solutions for tomorrow is a Swedish med-tech company dedicated to making advanced medical imaging available whenever and wherever patients need it. In just a few years of operation, the company has established itself as a market leader in Scandinavia and has seen strong growth across North America, Europe and Asia.

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