We’re mere a month away from seeing our dream come to life. With its exceptional battery life and the smallest frame on the market, the !M1 mobile x-ray unit has proven to be a valuable tool in hospitals around the world. But our goal has always been to bring x-ray imaging out of the hospital to serve patients who can’t or shouldn’t travel.

A healthcare provider in Southern Sweden will soon experience this new way to perform x-rays. This fall, Solutions for tomorrow will deliver three !M1 x-ray units along with three vans. The healthcare provider will be able to simply roll the !M1 into a van and bring it to wherever the patient is.

Mattias Guldstrand, CEO, says:

“We’re all extremely excited about this. This is !M1’s super power and we can’t wait to see it unleashed. But you’ll have to wait till the Fall to hear all the details.”