The quality of medical equipment is taken very seriously, and rightfully so. This can make it difficult for a new supplier to enter a country as trust has to be established. To that end, it helps to have a local partner who believes in your solution to get your message out there.

In Italy, that partner has been Ziehm. Ziehm is well-known and highly respected in Italy. They have helped Solutions for tomorrow connect with Italian hospitals in need of critical medical equipment in the face of the covid-19 pandemic.

Two of our !M1 mobile x-ray units are now installed and in use in the country – one at Hospital Brixen Bressanone and one in Niguarda Hospital in Milan. They are at work today helping covid-19 patients get the right care.

Mattias Guldstrand, CEO, says:

“We wanted to get our technology into Italy and do some good for people battling the virus, Ziehm Imaging Italy has shared our vision and been instrumental in making that happen.”