Solutions for tomorrow enter two new markets

We’re proud to report we’ve taken our first steps into two new markets – Serbia and Estonia. In Serbia, our !M1 mobile x-ray unit is now officially registered and ready for sales thanks to our collaboration with local dealer AB Trade. They’ve been providing high quality medical equipment to Serbian healthcare providers for over two decades.

We’re not only registered and represented in Estonia, we’ve sent them their first !M1 unit. Our local partner in making this happen is Diamedica, a medical supplier with nearly thirty years of experience.

The need for mobile x-ray solutions remains high across Europe, in no small part due to the covid-19 pandemic. This need has led to a surge in interest in our technology from many new markets. We’re working as hard as we can to connect with healthcare providers who could benefit from our solutions and fulfil orders as swiftly as possible.

Solutions for tomorrow is a Swedish med-tech company dedicated to making advanced medical imaging available whenever and wherever patients need it.

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