Solutions for tomorrow have decided to forego selling via a distributor and will now handle customer relations directly in Norway. Partnering with local distributors continues to be a successful approach in many countries, but the company felt they needed to get hands-on to properly serve their Norwegian customers.
To ensure every customer has the quick and reliable service they need, Solutions for tomorrow has signed a service agreement with Norwegian medical technology experts Unitronic AS.
Unitronic AS have been providing comprehensive medical equipment service solutions for 31 years. Their approach is to create a custom offering to meet each customer’s particular needs. With 25,000 service jobs carried out each year, Solutions for tomorrow couldn’t ask for a more qualified service partner.

“We’re all about really understanding our customers’ needs and how we can best serve them. We came to realise we could better connect with healthcare providers next door in Norway by meeting them ourselves. And working with Unitronic ensures no customer service needs fall between the cracks.”
Mattias Guldstrand – Solutions for tomorrow CEO

Solutions for tomorrow is a Swedish med-tech company dedicated to making advanced medical imaging available whenever and wherever patients need it.
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